Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Alps Imax

A nice documentary looking at climbing the Eiger. There are some interesting sequences and shots which could be used in a number of documentaries. Remember that this is meant to be seen on a huge screen, not your laptop.

Duingt Dive with friends

Today for the second time we went to the Dive site in Duingt. It is located on the Lac D’Annecy a short drive from Annecy. The dive site is near a castle and the dive is down the flanc towards the cliff. The dive takes you by some submerged trees that would have fallen in… Read More »

Born from Glaciers

born from glaciers from Georg Froschauer on Vimeo. Time lapse images from Austria.

burn presents: BRACONIERII

burn presents: BRACONIERII from Fuel your fire on Vimeo. A look at the Romanian Snowboarding scene. There is a nice sequence where they snowboard through the woods. The trees are still covered in snow.

A Trip to the Bottom of the Wall

Two friends of mine decided that they would go to the bottom of the wall at the dive site in Chindrieux. This dive site is on the Northern end of the Lac du Bourget in France one hour’s drive from Geneva. The classic dive, which I have done a number of times is a 40… Read More »