Wphone as a wordpress admin tool

There is a move away from desktops and laptops towards ultra portable devices like the ipod touch, HTC phones and more that enable you to connect to the web whilst on the move. As a result of this a new breed of services have come into being. Facebook and gmail are two of the better known ones. Yesterday whilst watching the twitterstream I saw wphone mentioned. It’s a plugin for wordpress that, once installed, gives a simple intuitive user interface so that you can work on your website on the move.

There are a number of screens of which the main ones are; write, manage, comments, plugins, users and latest activity. Each of these has an individual page and you have a nice amount of control over the content of the website.

It’s a great little app and I think it would be useful to anyone that finds there are two or three quick changes they want to make to the site whilst on the move.

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