Watching RC helicopters fly

Yesterday I flew my drone despite the wind and I got some nice footage of a swiss flag fluttering with vineyards in the background. I then recharged all my batteries before heading out again. This time I headed up towards St George because there is a beautiful vista there where you can see the whole of the Léman. 

I passed by the field where I had seen people flying model helicopters, planes and drones and when they signalled for me to approach I did. On the ground they had a multitude of helicopters which they had flown on that day. 

These helicopters are large, aerobatic models. It’s fun to watch them and hear the sound they make. They did a multitude of stunts, many of which you can see in this video. I want to go back next weekend. It’s fun to watch and it’s something we could do. Cheaper than flying a real helicopter. 



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