Walking Through A City You Are Leaving For A Bit.

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During a shoot a few years ago a person was speaking about human development and how an expert from an economically more developed country wanted to teach the person from an economically less developed country about the topic. The local told the economist “you want to teach me about the economy but whilst you took five steps to make it to this table I took two”. One thing you may take away from such a comment is that you’ve got to find more efficient methods by which to do daily tasks.

Now, I wonder, how many of you take the bus two or three stops rather than walking. There are times when the distances are massive and walking would take six to seven times as much time but there are other times when walking is a great way of getting from one location to another. I was in Central London today and wanted to walk properly therefore those half strider surrounding me were impeding the pleasure to be had from a nice walk. I walked towards Green Park but soon turned left and down towards the Thames. The streets were empty and my legs could reach their full potential.

I was relaxed and decided to go through many of the smaller side streets. As a result of this I saw some historic buildings where famous lawyers lived, where pubs are named after poets and where a disaffected tube station can be seen.  I also found some hidden parks and such.

It was a nice walk because whilst the main street has masses of people and traffic just one side street down the path is clear and the small passages are interesting. It is through the smaller hidden away places that you see the character of a city and I want to get to know this one better.

I’m in the usual pre-trip mood. I’m happy to be going back to Switzerland to get my new laptop but I’m disappointed that I may miss the Finsbury Park Festival and a house party on Sunday, therefore, I may fly back. The reason it’s a “might” rather than a “will” is the price of tickets when you book them late. I’ll decide according to how things go in Switzerland.


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