Views Of The Sea

Views Of The Sea

The pandemic is alive and well at the moment and life in pandemic mode continues. We dream of opportunities to flirt and we walk by people while wearing masks even if they do not, to remain safe. I would like for people to do what they can to end the pandemic but that is an empty dream

View of El Portet

A concrete dream is that shops in Switzerland are once again asking for one person per household to shop at a time and this is positive because despite the government failing to do something at least the shops do. It shows both that the situation is getting worse, but also that people are taking things more seriously.

I am in a safer part of Spain so I feel safe. I am still masked anytime I am near other people and I still observe the wind.

Garmin Solar Instinct with Calpe in the background.

I am still wearing the Garmin Instinct solar but I find it hard to charge. Most of the time it is hidden under layers of clothing and when I took it off and left it by a pool it was back in the shade by the time I went back to it. I can see such a watch being in its element in summer, rather than winter, even in Spain.

I find myself considering emigrating from Europe to escape its defeatist pandemic attitude. I am tired of people making excuses to empower the virus, rather than to block its progress. I want soft lockdowns and self isolation. I want masking to be done properly and I want boosters to be more easily accessible.

I have been studying Bootstrap and so far it looks like a great tool. I will write more shortly. For now, I leave you.


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