Twitter is a shambolic mess

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Twitter is a shambolic mess, reminiscient of a 2008 version of how hotmail was back in 1998 when I stopped using it. How many of you remember hotmail pre microsoft. I do. It worked fine. Then it became popular and it become really slow. That’s when I spread to have ten to twenty e-mail accounts to see which would be better. yahoo mail and the account that came with the domain won until gmail came along.

Anyway twitter is a pile of rubbish but it’s better than anything else at what it does (for the moment.). It’s a shame we can’t get a reliable equivalent with an increased level of reliability.

update: Chris Brogan lost 7000 followers. I lost 600.

The failwhale is up constantly.

Some of my favourite tweeters were unfollowed.

Thank you twitter for being down at the only moments of the day when I could chat with friends.





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  1. Orchideane avatar

    I love the failwhale..but it’s true..this days she’s literately squatting the timeline 🙁

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