Twenty Seven Thousand Steps in BareFoot Shoes

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A few days ago I took twenty seven thousand steps in barefoot shoes. My feet did not suffer at all from walking that far in such shoes. I did some of that walking in the vapor gloves and the rest in the Trail Gloves. The beauty of barefoot walking is that you acclimate to such shoes quite fast. Within a matter of a week or two they become comfortable and feel normal. 

The problem with normal shoes is that they are made of solid parts. They might pinch around the top of the foot near the toes, and the material that protects the back of the heel wears away and begins to cause blisters sometimes. 

For a while I found that most conventional shoes became uncomfortable for one reason or another. I also found that they were uncomfortable twice. The first time is when you just bought them, because your feet needs to get used to the new shoe shape. The second time is when the rear of the shoe gets worn through and the heel rubs against the unprotected plastic. Both of these situations require either blister protection, or just accepting the slight discomfort. 

That I can walk 27,000 steps in a single day, with barefoot shoes says a lot about these shoes. Although they offer very little padding they feel natural within days, rather than weeks. 

They even felt comfortable with running today. I ran a few minutes at a time. I felt no pain or warnings. 

Ideally I would be walking in vapor glove shoes, rather than trail gloves. I don’t. Most of my walking is on tarmac or concrete. Both of these are hard surfaces and an unprotected heel will hit the ground with a lot of force. This causes pain, especially over thousands of steps. With the trail gloves I can walk as if I had not transitioned from one shoe type to the other. I don’t want to change my daily walk, to accommodate shoes. I want to do the opposite. So far I have succeeded. 





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