The Season of Muddy Shoes

Reading Time: < 1 minute

We are in a pandemic and I like to walk away from people. To do so I need to walk along muddy paths by the sides of roads, motorways and fields. In the process my shoes get covered in mud and I need to find ways of removing that mud.

The challenge isn’t with dry mud, because that’s easy. Run down some stairs and the mud that was on your shoes will be on the stairs, and the shoes will be clean. The drawback is that neighbours and cleaners hate this, apparently. Enough to complain about it but not enough to put something to clean shoes by the entrance to the building. We’re not in 1901, we’re in 2022. Who still walks in muddy fields today?

So far I have tried walking with a flathead screwdriver to remove the mud, short sticks to pick at the mud at the end of the walk, a running tap and even puddles. All of these work to some degree but they’re annoying.

This year I am trying a new strategy. Crocs. Crocs are mediocre light shoes that are light to carry, but that you can also leave in the garage, or even carry with you, without too much inconvenience. Walk down to the front door, change to the good shoes, and hide the crocs in the post box, your bag, or with the bikes. When you finish the walk change into the crocs, attempt to rinse the shoes under a tap and head up.

If there was a good doormat on the floor I could remove the mud in seconds, rather than spend time thinking of innovative solutions. I wish everyone walked in mud. I wouldn’t stand out then.