The Roman Civilisation On Twitter

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The Roman Civilisation is being tweeted about on Twitter. There are accounts that tweet about ongoing archeological digs, museum opening times and more. They also share images and videos, providing people with a visual way of learning about the Romans.

One of these twitter accounts is Roman Britain. They tweet original content as well as retweet content written by other accounts. It is an interesting way to learn more about Roman Britain. Such accounts are interesting because they open our eyes to lesser known sites that may go unnoticed. It also provides us with a glimpse of locations that may be nearby that we were not yet aware of.

You can also follow hashtags to see tweets about specific aspects of the Romans. For example if you look for Mithras you can follow tweets about Mithraism. When I was learning about the Romans we needed to go to books and find chapters about the topics we wanted to learn about. Today, with twitter information can be found within seconds from a variety of sources, whether wikipedia, newspaper articles, new research papers, content on documentary streaming sites or more.

With a hashtag like archeology you can see news and tweets about ongoing archeological digs and even find opportunities to comment on or discuss current findings with the archeologists as they research the topics they are studying or exploring.

Although history is about the past, this does not mean that research and new findings are not emerging. We have often been to recent archeological digs and seen fresh finds. When you visit Pompei or Herculaneo you see sites that are so large that they take lifetimes to excavate.

History is not just limited to books and old websites that are rarely updated. It is dynamic, so if you know children, or students encourage them to look up resources that provide them with constantly updated sources of new sites, knowledge and more.






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