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The Nexus One

Recently I bought a Nexus One because the Android operating system appeared to be an interesting one. It is open source, intuitive to use and has some interesting features.

It’s part of the Google cloud. Checking e-mails, using Gtalk and the calendar are all accessible through the phone. All content is everywhere as a result.

Modern approach:
I know of quite a few people that lose their phones and as a result of this lose all their numbers. They create facebook groups to gather back all of this information. Of course with Android you don’t need to do that.

All of the contacts are stored online. As a result whenever you’re writing e-mails on the computer you have no need to remember their actual address. It is a redundant system as long as you have a data connection of some type.

Navigation is good too. Using mytracks and Google maps you have a precise overlay if the route taken.

This post was written using the WordPress app on the nexus one in part.

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