The COVID-19 Dynamic European Restriction Map

The COVID-19 Dynamic European Restriction Map

COVID-19 rules, restrictions and regulations are dynamic and changing much like drone rules. In Europe before you fly you should visit the local flight rule maps, to see where current restrictions are.

Information ranges from “You need third party insurance with coverage for up to two million in damages” or “In a town you are allowed up to this altitude, outside of a town, to that altitude, and in these regions you have a military flight corridor, thus a flying ban.

COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving situation so it would make sense to keep a Google Maps layer up to date with current information.

This information could be

  • prevalence of the virus
  • whether the number of cases is rising or declining
  • whether there are barriers or restrictions to entry
  • What are the curfew hours
  • What establishments are authorised to open
  • Where are the closest COVID-19 testing locations
  • Where are the closest Vaccination points
  • What is the hospital bed situation for COVID-19 situation

The demand for such a service is currently world wide and long lived. The motivation for such services may last for at least a few more months, if not seasons and years.

Google, Apple, Facebook, and maybe even Amazon, should work on creating such a service.

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