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  • Apple Car Play and Roaming

    Apple Car Play and Roaming

    Several years ago I needed to download TomTom and I needed the latest map updates if I wanted to drive from Switzerland to England or from Switzerland to France, or to Spain. Thanks to roaming I now have a much broader choice. TomTom was good in another era, when we had to pay roaming fees. […]

  • Your own Waze driving directions

    Your own Waze driving directions

    Your own Waze driving directions You can now record your own Waze driving directions. Instead of using pre-determined voices you can record a number of pre-determined phrases and use them for when you are driving. Recording and using your recording is easy. Setting it up In the settings menu go to voice directions, click on […]

  • TomTom Go and the diminishing cost of live traffic data when driving

    Today with Tomtom Go you pay 20CHF per year for the maps and traffic information. When I first bought the TomTom Europe apps for iOS and Android they cost about 170CHF an operating system. If my memory serves me well traffic information would cost an additional 100 CHF per year. As a result of the high […]