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  • Trendio And a Nice Increase

    I’m still playing with trendio and I’ve had a nice increase over the past week with the stock value. It’s not monetary but I have finally started to make some “profit”. It’s gone up by 16 percent in a week. I need to keep it increasing more so I need to keep watching to see […]

  • On Trendio My Portfolio Is Doing Well

      If you love reading the news and seeing what’s going on around the world then Trendio is an interesting site for you. I looked at the events that are going to take place and whether Trendio already has them listed. If it does then I decided to buy some stock for those words and […]

  • Trendio – A Word-Based Stock Exchange

    I’ve just started playing with Trendio which seems like an interesting website. In the past i’ve played on websites where you’re playing the stockmarket with virtual money and you can see how you’re doing without the risk of bankrupcy usually associated with investment. I’ve only been using it a few hours now and I have […]