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  • An SVG clock

    An SVG clock

    Sometimes we experiment and play with technology. The clock below is an SVG clock using SVG and Canvas technology to display local time. Doing it with these two technologies was easier than with JavaScript. The code doesn’t require calculating thousandths of a second like another clock I tried. The tutorial to make this clock is […]

  • With A view of the Mont Blanc

    With A view of the Mont Blanc

    I’m afraid to open the veluxes because of the threat of finding yet another large spider. I don’t mind having to dispose of it, but I hate the idea of having one walking around without me knowing. A great alternative to open windows is to go for your daily walk. You’re far from neighbours, from […]

  • Playing with WP Rig

    Playing with WP Rig

    Today I started following the “Building Progressive Themes with WP Rig.” course on Linkedin Learning. Before you start playing with WP Rig make sure that you have installed Composer. Composer is required to use WP Rig during the build process. Composer itself requires that you have PHP on your machine. After that it should be […]

  • Yet Another Sunny Day

    Yet Another Sunny Day

    As I looked straight down from a bridge today I noticed that the river is so low that the river bed has become bone dry in places. In other places you see that the gress is turning yellow. When tractors tend to the fields you see that they are stirring up clouds of dust. It […]

  • Learning To Code By Building CMSs

    Learning To Code By Building CMSs

    It’s easy to use Facebook or other CMS every day without thinking about how the code works. This summer I have coded two CMS using Linkedin Learning. One of these CMS was running with PHP and MySQL and the other was running with Ruby On Rails and MySQL. The PHP CMS In the process I […]

  • Close to Success – Exporting Instagram images to WordPress Natively

    Close to Success – Exporting Instagram images to WordPress Natively

    When Instagram was a self-run startup I loved the product. I loved that it was a way of sharing images with friends. I loved that it was fast and that it was light. I also liked that it had it’s own community. I liked that it was a way of sharing real life with people […]

  • Books I Am Reading.

    I usually read several books at a time. This is because I start books but find that my interest is drawn to another topic. As these are usually factual books I can afford to take a break from one book and return to it later. The Aeronaut: Travels in the Air I started reading this […]

  • Objectified – A Design Documentary Split Into Individual Interviews.

    Objectified is a documentary about industrial design that has been divided into interviews with individuals about a diversity of designs, from the casing of the Mac Book Pro to chairs, a CD player that behaves like a fan and much more. On Linkedin, this documentary has been cut up and split into chapters so that […]

  • Linkedin Learning

    Summary Linkedin Learning is a video resource for people who would like to learn new skills. These range from writing and painting to sound design, video lighting, project management and more. In following these courses individuals can learn new skills, perfect old ones, and learn new tricks. The point is always to move forward, whether […]

  • Using Duolingo daily

    Duolingo is a mobile phone app that allows you to learn a number of languages whenever you have a few minutes. In so doing you can learn several minutes at a time, when commuting for example, or you can learn as a focused 20 minute session. The Variety of learning options Listening There are two […]