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  • Bataille D’eau, la revanche

    Today I went to Lausanne for a flashmob waterfight and I enjoyed it. I also got a little wet as you can tell from the second or third video. It was great fun. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 I love it, whilst all the photographers were standing on the sidelines I was right in […]

  • Over 400 views of the Sandstorm video

    I’ve just checked the number of hits on the Silent disco hits and it’s now up to over four hundred views. That’s a nice amount. I’m quite happy with this number because it’s from my website rather than another source. I’ve been posting videos on the web for many years and I’ve seen many projects […]

  • World’s biggest silent disco was small

    The World’s “Biggest silent disco” was made up of only 200 people but they danced for over an hour to all the music they had on their ipods, mobile phones and other mp3 playing devices. It was very amusing. I arrived over an hour early and scouted out the area seeing where the event would […]