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  • Font del Truffe with T-Reb

    Font del Truffe with T-Reb from Slawek Packo on Vimeo. Cave diving in France. Although there is a squeeze at the beginning the cave looks forgiving from a visibility point of view.

  • How PADI divers see an over-romanticised side of diving

      Whilst it is true that divers are at the beach every weekend the location is not quite that nice. Some of us are or were in the mountains every Saturday and in the lakes every Sunday. We did have to wear shoes because the dive site is a lake. We don’t all drink beer […]

  • Underwater diving videos

    I’ve been watching a series of underwater diving videos from around the world from the website divefilm and there are a number of interesting ones. Most of them are by the same person but occasionally there are guest appearances by those aiming to protect whales, others aiming to protect dolphins. There are also some videos […]