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  • One Hundred And One Blog Posts in One Hundred and One Days

    One Hundred And One Blog Posts in One Hundred and One Days

    I have written at least one hundred and one blog posts in one hundred and one days. During this time most blogs have gone by unread. Blogging could be seen as futile but it isn’t. Having the discipline to write every single day, despite having no inspiration is good. It forces us to stop, think, […]

  • Reading The Cult of the Amateur By Andrew Keen in 2023

    Reading The Cult of the Amateur By Andrew Keen in 2023

    During yesterday’s walk I found that I could read The Cult of the Amateur by Andrew Keen as an audiobook so I listened to a few minutes. It took me back in time to 2006 when people worried about the detrimental effect that bloggers that were not accountable would have on information, disinformation, reliability and […]

  • Blogging One Hundred And Fifty-Two Days In A Row

    Blogging One Hundred And Fifty-Two Days In A Row

    Blogging one hundred and fifty-two days in a row is an interesting challenge. It encourages you to think of something daily, for months in a row. It also forces you to have the discipline to sit and attempt to write for one or two hours a day, whether inspiration is there or not. Often it […]

  • Blogging And Digital Minimalism

    Blogging and Digital Minimalism are related. Blogging is about finding a topic and focusing on it for an extended period of time. Social media has shifted from being a conversation between individuals to one where personalities broadcast, and their audience is ignored. When I saw an article, read a book, or had a thought I […]

  • Of Twitter Threads (mice) and Blog Posts (Humans).

    With the sentence “Of Twitter threads (Mice) and Blog Posts (Humans)” you’ll see that I’ve done two things. The first is that I’ve modernised a well-known book title to draw parallels with the practices of writing Twitter threads and blog posts. People write twitter threads because they think that it’s fast, convenient, will draw an […]

  • Avoiding User Generated Content With Adverts

    Avoiding User Generated Content With Adverts

    Instagram has become user-generated content with adverts every fifth post. We went from following friends and their life to following personalities within our field of passions. I follow climbers, photographers, and friends. By following strangers, the timeline has become less relevant. This is especially true about following influencers. Influencers don’t share their life. They share […]

  • Twitter Threads and Blogging

    Twitter Threads and Blogging

    Twitter threads and blogging are both free but whereas with one you need to click to read the continuation and it’s hard to print the other is self contained and easily shareable. I see twitter threads, that as twitter threads are a waste of time on a conversational channel but would be ideal for a […]

  • The Social Media Reflex

    The Social Media Reflex

    This morning I uninstalled Facebook and Twitter because most of the tweets I saw were people complaining about things or posts that would fit perfectly as blog posts on a website. We have moved towards the Social Media reflex, rather than towards an open sharing habit. Before social media, we would have conversations on web […]

  • 11 years of WordPress Blogging

    11 years of WordPress Blogging

    As serendipity would have it I have been a wordpress blogger for at least 11 years. As I was looking through notifications on worpdress.com I came across the notification below yesterday. As I searched for ideas for blog posts for today I came across an e-mail. On this day, eleven years ago I set up […]

  • The Facebook Monopoly

    I am tired of the Facebook monopoly. While Google gets fined for helping people shop websites like Facebook do the opposite. Instead of increasing the diversity of content on the web and the sharing of ideas it has helped create silos of like minded people. Likeminded people is a polite way of saying brainwashed in […]