Worn out Trail Glove 7 Monument

Sun Bleached and Worn Out

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Yesterday during my walk I bought a new clam shell cap. It’s the type of cap that you can take off, fold and put in a pocket. The one I had before this one was used daily for years, and eventually became bleached by the sun and sweat. It went from dark grey to light grey. What I really appreciate is that aside from the colour fading it’s fine.

## Trail Glove 7

Today I noticed that my second pair of Trail Glove 7 are worn out. The base on the left foot is worn to the point of almost being punctured. The time has come to retire this second pair of shoes.

It’s interesting. The wear pattern on my two pairs of Trail Glove 7 is the same so my walking style hasn’t changed over the last few months. The left heel wears out faster than the right. The toes are also worn out. The centre of the shoe looks almost intact. So does the top of the shoe.

## Heel Pain

I know when it’s time to replace these shoes because they go from being comfortable to my heels hurting after long walks. It’s when the heel starts to heel that I know that it’s time to retire the old pair of shoes and replace them with new ones.

## Biggest Weakness

Their greatest weakness is that they are not waterproof so if it rains or you step in a puddle your feet will get wet. Although this is a weakness they dry very fast. I never worry about drying these shoes, if and when they get wet.

I worry about how thin they are, in case I walk in long grass and insects or snakes attack my feet. I have been stung when wearing sandals but haven’t come close to stepping on a snake. I have seen or two, but recently they have been dead, killed by cars

## Cost Calculation

Since participating in the On Running shoe Cyclon program I think of shoe pricing differently. On running rental shoes cost about 35 CHF per month, if you replace them every three or four months. I have worn my Trail glove 7 for at least three or four months so the cost is about 30-40CHF per month. I try to buy my trail glove 7 at the cheapest price.

As I wrote this blog post I bought a new pair of Trail Glove 7 monument shoes, like the ones I am using now, for 86 CHF rather than 104 CHF. For a brief time I had three pairs of trail glove 7 because I like them so much, but after wearing through two pairs I am now down to the last pair. That’s why I ordered a new pair. I like to have a backup pair, ready to go, for when I retire the active pair.

## And Finally

For years I have worn the [Eclipse cap](https://www.berg-freunde.ch/sunday-afternoons-eclipse-cap/), in rain, sun and heatwaves. It has worked well for me, and I like that it folds so easily into a pocket when I go indoors.

I moved to Trail Glove 7 shoes because I was tired of cheaper shoes wearing out on the heel before the sole of the shoes did and I didn’t like that the top of the shoe scraped at my toes when walking. I wear the Trail Glove shoes because I think they’re comfortable.






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