Sony Professional: NAB 2013 – New Camera systems for Live Sports

Sony Professional: NAB 2013 – New Camera systems for Live Sports from Sony Professional Europe on Vimeo.

With technological advancements and 4k cameras you can reduce the number of camera operators. Instead of having one central camera for the wide shot and several more to follow the action today’s technology allows for you to frame an HD signal in two 4k images. As a result rather than panning a camera physically you can pan a software camera instead. It means that one less person needs to be outdoors exposed to the weather. At the same time for conference coverage this is an interesting idea.

The second interesting aspect is the sending of three signals from the venue via IP over a distance of 300km. Instead of sending an OB van to the venue you can vision mix from the studio remotely and send back the program. This broadens the market for live vision mixing. With a smaller budget you can provide some of the same services as would have been provided by an OB van, sat truck and multi person crew.

It is broadening rather than undercutting the market.

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