Playing With Harmonicas

Reading Time: 2 minutes

During a walk a few weeks ago I came across L’Harmonica pour les nuls, Harmonica for Dummies, so I picked up the book and within a day or two I had ordered a harmonica to learn the instrument. The harmonica is a small versatile instrument. that can be used to play a range of music.

The greatest advantage with harmonicas is that it fits within a pocket. It takes very little space and can theoretically be taken anywhere. Despite what I thought about harmonicas the book is quite big. It’s over 300 pages.

I play a few minutes a day and I found some online lessons in the form of videos and more. I have spent a lot of time while cooking just playing with the harmonica, rather than playing the harmonica. I got used to the feel. I got used to the sound. I eventually learned to play individual notes. It takes time to learn.

I had a good studying routine before this summer but it has been destroyed by the summer months. When winter comes back I will be back to my healthy routine and I will progress with all of my projects, instead of stalling like I have. I went from studying three to four hours a day, between programming and harmonica to one or two hours, sometimes even less.

I don’t like the pandemic. I don’t like not being able to socialise with single people. I don’t like that the risk of COVID is always hanging over us. I want the pandemic to be over, so that I can socialise doing the things I enjoy, rather than doing things with people that remind me of what I don’t have.

I hate pandemic summers, and weekends. I long for the pandemic to end and to go back to doing group activities.

Too many people live in denial. Too many people behave as if the pandemic was over. It isn’t. The statistics show this very clearly. For over a year I didn’t worry about catching COVID because I was self-isolating and wearing a mask around people. This week I started worrying again. If I was going to get COVID it is during summer

I prefer self-isolation and solitude to being with couples who don’t understand what living through a pandemic as a single person is like.

I am fatigued by the pandemic but playing the Harmonica, rollerblading, cycling, studying and more help me regain my mental health. People drain it.