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Playing With Google Maps And Apple Maps

A few days ago I was driving from Switzerland to Spain via France when Google Maps told me to get off the motorway and drive on normal roads. When it made this mistake I switched to Apple maps, and was not led astray again.

Google Maps leading me astray was a surprise. Google Maps and Waze are the same, and yet Google Maps behaved differently. I don’t understand why it led me astray.

On short trips I wouldn’t hesitate to trust Waze, google maps, TomTom and Apple maps. On long distances Waze and TomTom have been good. It is just Google Maps that I question.

When I looked at the price of Citroën onboard maps the cost is 99chf per region and 205chf for Europe. I didn’t expect it to be so high. TomTom go is 12 chf per year. I don’t understand how onboard map software can be priced so differently. I see the value in it being on the onboard system but with mobile phones and CarPlay etc we are justified in going for the better priced option.

Over the years navigating when driving has become really easy. I now find that I never get lost. You hardly need to study a map. Set the destination and the gps does the rest. I know the route I drove well but I still like a gps as a backup, and as a way of keeping track of progress.

Apple maps has resolved the teething problems that people discussed. Now it is a good driving option, and it adjusts the display to day or not, making it less of a distraction when driving before sunrise or after sunset. I would use it again, on the way back later in the year.

With its errors in navigation google maps might have lost me as a user.

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