Playing With Angular

I have been playing with Angular again over the last few days. I was playing with the Tour of Heroes Tutorial. The course is simple to follow. For a while I was stuck on one problem but was able to find an answer using search engines. I then got stuck with a separate issue. The advantage of getting stuck is that it encourages reading around the subject. It gets us to make sure that we understand what we are working on.

The course will leave you with an overview, but for a deeper understanding courses like the one mentioned below are better because they explore topics in depth.

For those who prefer to learn by watching there are a few videos available on YouTube. They may be using Angular 9 or other versions. The tutorials are from two to four years old so may not reflect the latest iterations of the framework.

I had been studying this course: “Angular – The Complete Guide (2021 Edition)” I like video tutorials, and I plan to complete this one, but I also like to learn to use different methods. I liked being able to skim through text, write a few lines of code, see if it worked and move on. It is the old-fashioned way of learning. Videos are the new way.
With what I learned via the website I feel that I could experiment with bringing the html part of my website into the modern era. I want to try to use components for each section of the website. I have an idea of how it would work.

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