By | 8 October 2008

Phreadz is a multimedia sharing site from the comfort of where you’re sitting right now. It allows for the sharing of multimedia files straight from your mobile phone to a website where each media content is added to a thread, hence the name phreadz.

There is a simple idea behind this site. Conversations are now more and more multimedia rich. Some people converse via video as on seesmic and others converse on the topic of photographs, for example Flickrs. More people speak to each other using Utterli. Combine all of these together and you’ve got phreadz.

Each post has a code and this code is the key behind what makes phreadz so intersting. If I watch a video and comment on it then I answer to that video. If someone then posts a photo associated to that video behind my own post then that’s part of the thread of conversation I’ve continued. If someone answers to the source video and another after that answers then a second stream of conversation occurs. In other words we’ve got two sub topics.

Expand this by several hundred posts and you’ve got a nice way of keeping track on the directions taken by these conversations.

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