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One Hundred Day of 10,000 Steps

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Today marks 100 days in a row of walking 10,000 steps a day. It helps that we’re in winter than in summer because my step streaks are broken when I go for bike rides. Step counters don’t count pedalling as steps, so it’s easy to lose a streak.

I could pretend that I have learned ten things by walking ten thousand steps a day but the truth is that I haven’t. I simply have a habit of walking that is not affected by snow, rain, wind or other. I walk every day, and sometimes the streak is consistent enough to reach 100 days according to an app by Pedometer.

I make no effort to reach this streak. I reach it by accident because my routine is good for such habits to thrive. When summer comes back I will probably get back to cycling once again, and the streak will be lost. Last year my step count was low, due to cycling. It went from 5.5 million down to about four and a half million due to cycling.

I doubt that I will reach another 100 days. Summer will be back and I will do more than walk or run around. If I get to a point where I find running comfortable rather than strenuous then I might run more than cycle but this will be decided within the next few months, in time for summer.

And Finally

It’s funny that I completely fell out of love with Zwift. Years ago I loved it, and every two or three days I would do a strenuous workout. Now I don’t care. It did change because of two key reasons. The first is that they got millions invested in them so it felt stupid to pay for them when investors were their cash cow. The second reason is that despite getting millions in funds from investors when I had a technical issue they made no effort to help. When you’re paying 20 per month, and they have millions invested, and they make no effort to keep you, there is no reason to stay. My logic was “If I buy a new indoor trainer I will spend hundreds, to spend hundreds more on a service, with a bike that cost hundreds more.

Zwift was a good option when it worked with the devices I had, and when the barrier to entry was low. As soon as the barrier rose, so the interest collapsed.





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