New Site of Interest and Old Site To Avoid For A Few Days

By | 01/08/2007

Once more facebook is down due to site maintenance and it’s making me think that it’s time to move onto another site for a number of days until they sort everything out. That’s where Tubemogul comes in, a video sharing website.

Facebook down

Whilst it has hardly anything to do with Facebook Tubemogul is nonetheless an interesting website because it encourages you to upload your videos to several online communities at once. I’ve been trying it out over the past twelve hours and so far I’m quite pleased with it.

What I love is the ability to upload to several video sharing websites at once and here’s a visual representation of what this implies 😉
Rag week 2007 trailer
Uploaded by warzabidul

Video thumbnail. Click to play
Click To PlayIf you want to read my review of the website come here

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