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Let down by the DJI Go 4 Android app

A few months ago, before the winter months came I was flying the drone up to four times a day. At the time I was running their old app and it worked flawlessly. You turned on the remote, turned on the drone and then you connected to the wifi and within 30 seconds you could be flying. 

At some point in the cheeky people designing the app decided to "simplify" everything with QR codes which is theoretically fantastic. In this locks you out from your own device. The remote and the drone work fine and I can fly the drone without a video display or telemetry and I can connect the phone to the wifi hotspot of the remote. 

The problem occurs when I try to connect the DJI Go4 app with the remote. At this moment the app refuses to recognise the drone and I'm stuck. I've tried resetting the remote, resetting the drone. I've tried re-installing the app and I've tried Android and iOS devices without any communications between the app and the drone.

If I had had these issues during my previous 90 flights and with a previous version of the app I would assume responsibility. As things are I am not to blame, the app breakers are. 

Remember that this is the prime season for someone to buy a new drone and I would be tempted by the air. How can I justify buying a new drone when the old one has a faulty app that other DJI drones use as well? 

I would strongly advise people against buying a drone that relies on their go 4 . It has a design flaw whereby you get locked out of your device. 

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