The Ice finally came

A few days ago I went towards the lake to take pictures. The wind was strong and cold. The temperature was close to -9°c. The last time we had such cold weather the lake side became beautiful as the porcelain ice formed around boats, trees, over grass and cars. As this only occurs every few years it is a rare treat. 

No Swimming sign with ice

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It is amusing to see these porcelain boats. This boat in particular was covered in ice. The port is designed in such a way that when the air is cold enough, and the wind blows from the right direction, that the waves break and spray this specific boat. In normal circumstances the spray flows off but not in this context. The water quickly freezes and encases everything it touches. Given enough time you see porcelain boats like this one. 

Woopsiedaisies. Got soaked. 🙂

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When you get some pictures you need to experience the weather. On this specific day I had to walk along a frozen jetty. I did not care about walking normally. I walked so that if I slipped I could grab on to the rocks on my left. If I fell to the right I would fall into lake water at around 5°c. When I got close to where I wanted to get pictures I wanted to photograph the waves breaking and I got the image that you see above.

Finally 🙂

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The wave splashed me. My coat was soaked and so were my jeans. Within seconds my coat started to freeze but I continued to take a few pictures. Within minutes I could feel that the damp jeans were beginning to freeze. I stopped taking pictures and as I headed back I could feel the parts exposed to the wind start to freeze. I got some warm food and went to thaw and dry. 

I could feel that my hands were cold, especially one or two fingertips. It didn't take long to warm them up. Despite the cold wind, this is nothing like scuba diving in five-degree waters for 20+ minutes like I used to do for two years a while ago. There was no excruciating pain, no desire to cry because of the pain. 

Within a few days we got another treat. Deep snow by the lakeside. 

An unusual treat. Nyon station in the snow. 
Geneva, in the snow
More ice, this time in Nyon

Winters are most fun when they look wintery. Snow and ice make winters more fun. With snow and ice we can take seasonal pictures and for those of us willing to brave the cold there is an opportunity to take fun images.