I reached 10,000 words for Nanowrimo

50,000 words is a nice goal. I’ve already got ten thousand of those words in a document on google docs. My Nanowrimo attempt is exploring social media, new technology and the effect it’s having on human interactions. So far the ideas have been flowing. 5600 words the first day, 8000 the day after that and now over 10,000 four days in and I still have some writing time.

I’m really looking forward to writing the eighty percent that remain because it’s a learning curve. I’ve started making the chapters longer and attempting to elongate the scenes. I want to create an idea and elaborate. I don’t want to skip from one character to the other.

Two people already want to help me with the project but I really don’t want to start editing till I have the first fifty thousand words typed out.

Nanowrimo isn’t just about me though

There are quite a few people working on the project at the same time. Many of them are still struggling with ideas. Some are speaking about foregoing the social life to progress as far as possible. A few people have reached 10,000 words.

It’s a funny month for all of those deciding to take one of the national challenge month to fruition. There’s blogging, writing, podcasting, vlogging and I’m not sure what else.






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