I like Joost and I like the Wii

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Tonight was a tech-filled night. I finally had the possibility of downloading and testing out Joost and I enjoyed the experience.


Joost is a peer to peer video sharing website that is based on the concept of channels but unlike other channels, each video is available on demand. What this means is that if you go to the Redbull channel, for example, you can watch a series of documentaries about various Redbull events whether parapente, aerobatics, or other.

Another advantage is that its full screen with two forms of messaging. The first of these is the ability to use either Gmail or jabber to talk with friends you’ve known for years and the second is with the channel chat. At the time when i tried the channel chat there were only five people so the experience was not that special. As more users join this will improve.

It’s better than youtube because this is quality content on demand. I decided that I’d flick through the music channels before ending on a documentary about divers going down to a deep wreck whilst a freediver would attempt to beat her record. The image was high quality and the video streamed properly almost the entire time. With more users, experience can only get better. Finally, the commercials, 4 per hour were only one commercial long which is not that bad, just providing a short toilet break.


I really enjoyed playing with the WII playing a few of the games. From a friend’s bedroom I played tennis, bowling, boxed with him (and this was highly exertional so it’s a good work out) before being a world war II ace trying to protect Dunkirk but not succeeding due to my lack of familiarity with the controls.

Both of these technologies are fun and I want to play far more when I get the opportunity.

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