I have the ipad and these are my first thoughts

By | 27 May 2010

The iPad is a glorious device and I am in love already. What makes this device particularly attractive is that it has a large keyboard and a large screen. This is important for two reasons. The first of these is typing speed. I am very closes to touch typing speed already.

The second thing I like about it is that I could easily see myself putting it in the stand and using the calendar feature and e-mail client. The display feels like a sheet of paper. They tend to go for that look. The advantage with such a device is evident. I can see the whole email without scrolling. This means I am less likely to skip over something that I should otherwise have notice.

The sound when you type is quite interesting. You hear low taps most of the time but for some keys you do hear the sound of the nail hitting the glass. If you hold it vertical then with my hands you can type although the fingers stretch a little too much.

2 thoughts on “I have the ipad and these are my first thoughts

  1. paulswansen – Funny, irreverent, cynical, optimistic, dreamer and Taurus with a stubborn streak, and a fondness for Jerry Garcia ties, thrives on working hard with smart people. A former, Radio DJ, and Program Director, Television Program Director, Public Affairs Officer, Speech Writer, Award Winning Radio Spot writer, Computer Tech, Event Producer, and Customer Service Guru is always looking for a new challenge. Communicates and plays well with others. Won't work with whiners. Wonders why no one seems to know how to load the dishwasher properly.
    Paul W. Swansen

    So which one did you get? I was in the Apple Store at Cherry Creek today , and one of the staff told me that they were out of them currently. They also have a reservation list of hundreds of people who are still wanting one. Local Big Box Electronic stores are in the same situation of not having enough iPads to meet the demand.

    1. warza – I have been blogging and webmastering for 23 years. I hike, I climb and I cycle frequently. I often go to the Graduate institute for public events.

      I got the 64 gig wifi and 3g version because that’s the one that makes sense. So far it’s been a great device although I have yet to really put it through it’s paces. We’ll see when that occurs.


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