Google Latitude

Google Latitude

Google latitude is an interesting app available at least on Nokia phones that allows you to see where your friends are according to their mobile phone. At the moment it’s limited just to your gmail friends but expand to include more.

What makes this application interesting in the near future is that as more of the early adopting friends of yours install this app you’ll see which city they’re in quite easily. If the friends are in a public space then you can get more accurate directions.

It’s an interesting application.

One thought on “Google Latitude

  1. warza – I have been blogging and webmastering for 23 years. I hike, I climb and I cycle frequently. I often go to the Graduate institute for public events.
    warzabidul says:

    You can select to specify where you are by city and country if you like. You have quite a bit of control. I have found a bug though. Sometimes it displays that I'm in another city and country than where I actually am.

    For a moment it thought I was in England and in Holland. Haven't changed country though.

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