Enjoying A Rainy Day

Enjoying A Rainy Day

Although unfamiliar to most, there is pleasure to be felt from a day of rain. A day of rain, in a place where rain is rare is welcome. It provides a break from the daily walk. It provides an extra one and a half hours in a day. I have been impatient for such a day for months and it has finally arrived. Who wouldn’t want a day a rain. The rivers are happy. They were looking naked, with their rocks showing, and trees that are sometimes at river water level hanging high and dry. It will be good for the trees and everything else too. Rain cleans everything. That layer of dust that had accumulated over the weeks and months can finally run away, to flow into the lake, and from the lake down a river, towards the sea. It is also a break from the pressure of walking. Although walking is pleasant, and although it is relaxing, it is also a workout. You’re walking, deciding on a route, avoiding people and their dogs, and trying not to be yelled at by car drivers. You walk by one village and you hear a piano being played through a window. You wonder whether it is every day at the same time, whether the person is learning. Maybe it is simply someone who likes listening to music.

I Considered A Twitter Break

This morning I considered taking a twitter break after I saw one or two tweets that either seemed toxic or made me have a negative response. I take social media breaks, not because of negative opinions of social networks, but because either the people, or the conversations are not as pleasant or positive as I would like. I want to have fun, not be negative.

Not Drinking Enough

During this pandemic, after taking the habit of shopping for drinks once per week I find that my drinking habit declined. Instead of drinking two to three litres like some applications and journals recommend I drank one to one and a half litres. Recently I have started drinking more water and I see a change. In particular I am two to three weeks in. I am happy just to drink water now.

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