Audiobooks, Instead of Podcasts

Audiobooks, Instead of Podcasts

I love books, and I love podcasts. We will never get to the end of our podcast queue, but we will work towards the end of our reading lists. My reading list is 70+ books long so it would take months of effort to get through. My goal is not that ambitious. My goal is to read the 25 books this year, that I set out to read. I am three behind schedule. At the start I was seven behind schedule so I have made up for the time that I have been missing. We will see whether I reach this year’s goal.

The Pre-Lunch Walk

The pre-lunch walk was nice. I went from seeing cattle that were resting to cattle that were eating grass with the alps as a backdrop, as well as the Mont Blanc. I also saw a tractor with a trailer filled with beets drive by me before dumping its load into a field, waiting to be transported at a later time. I also another tractor unloading its cargo into a conveyor system to dump onto a train, for transport. The walk was interesting, due in part, to walking a slightly different route at a different time of day.

A field, cows, and the Alps
A field, cows, and the Alps

Desaturating The Mind on Twitter

Not all tweets are positive, and not all tweets are according to your values and your desires. That being written, not all tweets warrant a response, and not all tweets deserve an argument. Recently someone has responded to tweets of mine, but rather than to have a conversation and to listen, to impose their view. Oh, you think this, but that’s what others think. Twice I have considered blocking that person because twice it has made me uncomfortable.

I am a single person, living alone, and in between contracts. I use social media to establish personal connections, and to feel less solitude. What I have felt, with this individual, at least twice, is rage, and a desire to block them. If I write something that you don’t agree with, ignore it. Don’t bludgeon me with “but people think something different.”

In the grand scheme of things the question is not whether people think differently, but whether the difference of opinions of two people sees the rights of one, put upon by the habits of the other. If I need to close the window, and turn on the extractor fan, I am not the unreasonable one. I am not the one that is being selfish.

I have now blocked the person who likes to impose their views and opinions, rather than just listen.

And Finally – 1st Thoughts on the SIgg Shield One

It’s heavy and the handle is not as wide as I thought it was. It does open easily but the part that is meant to keep clean, seems to trap water. It was dry when I checked now. The difference in weight between the Sigg Traveller, which is similar to my old bottle is 147 grams, compared to 230. That 100 gram difference is big when you’re hiking or climbing. This is a bottle that would be good for work, the home or a flat short walk.

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