Day 71 of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – An Ingress Mission despite Lockdown.

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Two nights ago we did an Ingress Mission Despite Lockdown. This was a Franco-Swiss Mission to create a field over Geneva. Normally with Ingress missions people would drive tens, or even hundreds of kilometres to capture and link portals but this time was different.

We all stayed in our little corners and we did whatever we could, however, small the task. We stayed on our respective sides of the borders. In my case I just had to Jarvis a portal one village away. It took minutes to get to and then I had to wait for the right time to carry out the action. Once my action was taken I went home to have dinner. It’s the smallest contribution I’ve made to an Ingress mission in a while.

It really annoyed players from the opposite team, the next day.

During this lockdown I saw people do much worse than drive a certain distance to hack portals or play Ingress. I saw them go to the Creux De Van, to the French Mountains or to Valais right in the peak of the pandemic. Compared to a few geeks driving a car, hacking and linking portals, hiking along narrow trails during a pandemic is acceptable.

It’s the most sociable thing I’ve done in two months. For two months I haven’t had any opportunities. At least with Ingress that changed for an hour or two.

I’m working on understanding CSS at the moment. I expected that it would be hard to understand and to grasp but so far I have found that the opposite is true. I have found that it is intuitive and that although I spend hours fiddling to understand its intricacies I eventually understand the topic I want to learn.

The result is that I’m taking content from a 24 year old website and making it look modern. I’m bringing new life into old content. I also consider expanding certain sections. I have quite a few pictures from a villa in Spain for the section about the Romans. I also have a lot of images of various types of rock from rock climbing, via ferrata and hiking, whether by the sea or in the mountains.

Yesterday we had rain for most of the day but I still managed my daily walk. It was less than ten kilometres long for a change. I went for a bike ride today and got stung by a wasp I think. I hope it doesn’t become a habit again.






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