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  • The Leukerbad Via Ferrata

    The Leukerbad Via Ferrata

    The Leukerbad Via Ferrata is a mythical Via Ferrata for those who practice the sport in the french speaking part of Switzerland. It is mythical both for the duration and for the vertical movement. The climb itself takes around 5hr30-6hr and the vertical change is 1000m. Via ferrata is rock climbing for tourists. A team […]

  • Moléson Night – Via ferrata at night

    I expect that going to do the Moléson Via Ferrata by night will be like scuba diving in the lake. I expect that on the Moléson night I will see the cliff face in front of me and that if I turn around I will see darkness around me. I suspect I will be able to […]

  • The Fitbit Charge HR

    The Fitbit Charge HR is one of the better heart rate and step counting solutions out at the moment. It allows you to keep track of your steps and heart rate twenty four hours a day for a little less than a week between charges. It is a wrist worn activity tracker that detects whether […]

  • Tour D’Aï Via Ferrata

    Tour D’Aï Via Ferrata

    Nice View of the Alps from the Tour D’Aï Tour D’Aï via ferrata is a nice option if you are looking for a view of the Alps and of the Lac Léman region. You can take the telecabine from Leysin to the top and from here walk one hour and get to the base of the Via […]

  • Get Vertical

    PLAY & WIN 1. Enroll for the competition 2. Answer the questions 3. Upload your “vertical” picture Get Vertical by Salewa

  • Images from the Via Ferrata de Lavanchy

    Despite the warning that rain would fall after 1700 today we went up to explore the Via Ferrata De Lavanchy. it is a via ferrata that requires a 45 minute walk up hill. You walk up towards a cirque and then turn left and continue upwards through some trees. When you get close to the […]

  • The Via Ferrata season is back, time to enjoy those mountain landscapes again.

    Finally winter is over, the snow is melting away, flowers are coming up and the via ferrata season is starting once again. I will be in the mountains every second weekend from now on to explore via ferratas and hike. The next via ferrata I will explore is the Via Ferrata Lavanchy. From what I […]

  • The Crosscall Odyssey Plus

      The Crosscall Odyssey Plus fills two niches. It is a rugged weather proof phone rated to the IP 68 standard and is equipped with dual sim capability. This makes it ideal for the sports I enjoy, mainly via ferrata as pictured below and hiking. It comes with a smaller carabiner than the one pictured […]

  • The Apple Watch does not fill a niche

    The Apple Watch rather than fill a niche provides a fifth screen. According to Wikipedia the four first screens are the cinema screen, the television screen and the mobile phone and tablet screen. The fifth screen is the smart watch as designed by Apple, Samsung, Sony and others. Apple and others have designed phones that bring […]

  • First World War Via Ferrata and the tunnels dug by soldiers.

    For two years I have been doing research to find as much information as possible on the topic of via ferrata. Visiting the via ferratas which date back to the 1914-18 war would be interesting. In this short video recording we see some of the tunnels dug in to the mountain as well as where […]