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  • 20,000 Words for Nanowrimo and still going strong

    And so I reach 20,000 words after 12 days, not quite as good as I had hoped but good nonetheless. The story is developing well and there will be quite a bit of re-writing to be done but I can depend on some friends to help with that.

  • Nanowrimo progression after nine days at it

    I’m not doing too badly. I’m 1000 words ahead of the minimum per day if you take the 1667 word per day rule seriously. Might work up to 20,000 tonight. I’m just 4000 away…

  • I reached 10,000 words for Nanowrimo

    50,000 words is a nice goal. I’ve already got ten thousand of those words in a document on google docs. My Nanowrimo attempt is exploring social media, new technology and the effect it’s having on human interactions. So far the ideas have been flowing. 5600 words the first day, 8000 the day after that and […]