Asphalt 6 on Macbook air

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I installed Asphalt 6 on the macbook air and the game is easily playable.

I like this game on the iphone 3GS and Iphone 4 and have spent many hours playing on both mobile devices. Now that it is finally available on laptop/netbooks like the Macbook Air there’s another platform on which to have fun on.

One of the nice features is the larger screens, the ease of control and the extra information you can absorb from such a large screen. Yes 11 inches is a small screen compared to a 27inch imac but do you sit at the coffee table in the lounge with your iMac?

There’s also the small matter of price. It’s only 7CHF. If you play 7hrs then it’s worth the money, without a doubt.

as a side thought you could go to the Geneva motorshow and play it whilst sitting in the real thing ;-).

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