Adobe and Digital Rights Managment.

Adobe and Digital Rights Managment.

Digital rights managment is a sore point for a lot of users. Anyone with more than one laptop dislikes how their playlists can’t be synchronised across more than one machine without a little ingenuity. Adobe offers DRM content control for DRM

Media control of content is provided by the Adobe Flash Media Rights Management Server, which sets user access limits – even after a file is downloaded. Adobe’s server integrates with Adobe AIR, which allows putting applications on a device and could challenge both Sun Java and Microsoft for user interaction on multiple platforms.

I hope that what this means is a greater flexibility for the distribution and sharing of media content once the content is bought. Does this mean that as new companies and devices are used that we will find new devices being supported. Does it mean that individuals with full software licenses will be able to select restrictions of the content the content producers are generating rather than both Microsoft and Apple?

This is related to the discussion about iDRM  that I followed a few months ago in London. It will be interesting to see how this changes the rules

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