View of the Jura on a snowy day

A Snowy Day

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Yesterday we had a snowy day. I saw that the snow was beginning to pile up so I went and cleared the snow for fun. I could have left it as it was but I saw an opportunity to have some weight training, for free.

I regret that I didn’t set a fitness tracker to track the snow shovelling as weight training. It took a while and I got at least 2500 steps out of it, but as I wasn’t counting this as a workout the calories burned was counted differently. If I clear snow again I will track it properly.

What surprised me about shovelling snow yesterday is that I broke a sweat but I didn’t feel that I had pushed that hard. It’s nice to be fit enough to get a workout without suffering.

I did this for fun, but I still claimed the action. I do it for fun, but I don’t want someone else to be able to claim work that they didn’t do. I don’t want people getting free credit.

Winter Vines with the Jura behind them
Winter Vines with the Jura behind them

A Quick Walk

I went for a 6.6 kilometre walk afterwards. The light was good. Dark clouds with highlighted hills and trees covered in snow. At least today’s walk was atmospheric. Normally on such a walk I would wear at least one thick, warm layer but I didn’t bother. I think I had enough residual heat left over from the shovelling not to get cold. Luckily this assumption was correct.

And Finally

I haven’t used Twitter for at least two days. I took a break from the site because I don’t like the new owner and what he is turning the platform into but also because it started to feel toxic, rather than enjoyable. Twitter is meant to be a “social” network but how can it be social when we need to make our accounts private to avoid trolls, and tweet anonymously to avoid future problems.

There is an upside. Twitter revenue went down 40% on the same day, from one year to the next with over 500 advertisers suspending spending. Twitter blocked third party apps to control revenue. Tweetbot and twitterific were blocked, if I remember correctly.

Such actions won’t enrich Musk. They will simply encourage people not to trust Twitter, as it behaves erratically. To be of value social networks need to be pleasant and trustworthy. It is neither.