A Rainy Day Without Walking

Today the weather app said that it would start raining at 1500 so I didn’t go out for a walk. In the end the rain started at around 1630 or even later. I could have gone for a walk and I could have come back dry or almost dry.

For years I went for walks almost everyday, whatever the weather conditions. I grew tired of the habit. I have had this habit for five years or more, three of which have been during the pandemic.

I am tired of two things. The first is about walking into the building with muddy shoes. The building has no system to clean shoes after a walk in the mud so I can’t remove the mud easily. Usually if I walk in the mud it’s the next day that I leave a mess. I wouldn’t worry but apparently others do.

The second reason I don’t want to go for walks is that I’m tired of encountering people walking as couples or groups. If I encountered people walking alone, especially people my own age then it would be fun. Seeing couples, when you’re solitary during a pandemic is unpleasant. I often change route to avoid them, especially since they almost always take the entire width of the roads or other paths.

I spent today completing the conversion to php from html for the geography part of the website. I have moved from studying PHP to putting the knowledge into practice. Now I will work at having something to showcase, and to have something for the portfolio, to build confidence so that I can apply comfortably.






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