A Life On Hold.

By | 29 October 2013

A Life On Hold from marc silver on Vimeo.

Two things have struck me recently. The first one is “once those people cross over the border in to another country they are refugees, they have lost everything” and the second is the angle we never see if we watch mainstream media. I have listened to people speaking about their experiences, their journey from country to country until they found a refugee camp. They speak of fleeing one country and moving to another. They move a second time because that country is now at war as well. They lose everything and start again for a third time.

The more stories I hear and the more fascinating I find these stories. It reminds me of a flat mate I spoke to when living in Weymouth. If I remember correctly he witnessed armed conflict in Sudan. He told me about having to scavenge for food, about how the wrong shape of face could see you killed and other such events.

Too much time is spent by the mainstream media looking at quotas and feeding people’s fears. More time should be spent telling people of the events that lead up to people deciding that becoming a refugee is the only option.