A cupboard filled with books

A Cupboard Filled With Books

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Yesterday I went for one of my usual one and three quarter hour walks and when I came into one village I noticed a green cupboard so I opened it and looked inside.

A green cupboard
"When I think of all the books I have yet to read, I feel happiness."
A green cupboard – “When I think of all the books I have yet to read, I feel happiness.”

From the quote on the front you would guess that it has something to do with books but I came from the side, and didn’t notice the writing until I had opened it. It is filled with books. Five shelves of books. The shelves are not just filled with one row of books. The books are two to three books deep. This cupboard is filled with books. If you want to own a lot of books then this is the system to use.

I felt real joy at finding this cupboard. Not only is it close to home but it is really filled with books. You could easily spend half an hour going through all the books, to find something to read. I didn’t expect that such a site would fill me with happiness but it does.

A cupboard filled with books
A cupboard filled with books

Every time I come across a village where there is a library like this I am happy. I don’t think I have any desire to read most of these books. It’s just that I love that we don’t need to keep hundreds of books at home, to have hundreds of books to read. With lending libraries like these in every village we have a vast choice of books to read, then then share. We have enough to read, for years.

When I was a child we had book libraries that opened for a short period of time on some days. We also had book shops where we could buy books. Now that book shops and libraries are rare due to people buying books online, it’s nice to find book lending libraries like this.

I am not writing where it is, on social media, because I don’t want thieves to go and empty the books.

Some people look for geocaches. I look for these communal book lending libraries. Every village should have at least one.

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