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  • Apple Reading Goals

    Apple Reading Goals

    I am confused by Apple reading goals because they measure how many days you have reached your goal, as well as how much you read for the current day, but once today is yesterday it loses all of that information. It tells you that you have a. streak but you have no way of knowing […]

  • My Kindle Reading Streak

    My Kindle Reading Streak

    According to the Kindle app on my phone my longest Kindle Reading Streak was 126 days. I say “was”, because I lost it two days ago and now I am back to a one day reading streak. I hate that apps like Kindle count reading streaks as “days of reading in a row” because sometimes […]

  • A Cupboard Filled With Books

    A Cupboard Filled With Books

    Yesterday I went for one of my usual one and three quarter hour walks and when I came into one village I noticed a green cupboard so I opened it and looked inside. From the quote on the front you would guess that it has something to do with books but I came from the […]

  • The 2023 Reading Challenge

    The 2023 Reading Challenge

    We are one month into 2023 and so far I have read four books in four weeks. The aim of reading one book a week, so far is going well. I have read Last Book to Woodstock, A Man Called Trent and Riders of the Dawn as well as The Hunt for Red Octobre and […]

  • Reading Streaks

    Reading Streaks

    I read using the Kindle App, with a specific account for over one hundred days before making the mistake of logging in with a different account, and moving the primary account to an older phone. I lost my streak and now I feel free. Reading streaks are fantastic when the numbers are going up, and […]

  • The DI Barton Series

    The DI Barton Series

    Recently I have read three out of four DI Barton books and I enjoy them. One of the things that I enjoyed about these books is that I’m interested in both sides of the story, rather than reading about character A but being frustrated when reading about character B. With these books I like both. […]

  • YouTube and the Million Follower type

    I used to really like YouTube. It was a place where normal people could share videos of their normal lives, for normal people to enjoy, and to discover organically. Today YouTube is a way of forcing people to watch adverts before watching content that has been seen half a million to a million times by […]

  • Reading About The Camino De Santiago

    Over the last month or so I have been reading Le Camino Seule, ou enfin presque and it is one of my favourite hiking books. It might simply be because it was written in French, by a french woman rather than in English by Brits or Americans but it made me feel more than other […]

  • Get Up – A Book Encouraging Us to Stand and Move More.

    Get Up – A Book Encouraging Us to Stand and Move More.

    What do snails have to do with chairs, I wondered as I listened to a book speaking about our addiction to sitting and chairs. It turns out that snails and other animals are programmed to move, walk, slither or other in an individual way. He started, by discussing sleeping in class, and having chalk thrown […]

  • The Phone Box library Walk

    The Phone Box library Walk

    If you’re looking for a reason to walk from one village to another the practise of using old phone boxes as free libraries are common in Switzerland. This means that if you’re shopping around for books in Switzerland you can either go to the shops and buy them with the car or you can go […]