Month: May 2009

  • Influenza and the World Community Grid

    The Worldcommunity grid is a datagrid style project where almost half a million people are offering computer cycles to help advance scientific research in a number of fields such as health, nutrition and more. One of the most recent projects to be added to the collection is the one for Influenza. If you so chose […]

  • The Running of the Bulls

    Whilst in Switzerland people stand in the streets as they watch the cows go up the mountains and come back down the Spanish enjoy a more extreme version with the same species. I was in the same street as the bulls were running up and down whilst in Spain and this was a fun experience. […]

  • The octopus fell from my mouth during a dive and I watched as the regulator freeflowed air. I tried to grab it but didn’t get it on the first try. I didn’t panic. I went back to take hold of the regulator attached to the tank on my back but that wasn’t needed. I was […]

  • Minsh

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