Month: February 2009

  • Whether Friends count more than followers

    As you know I’ve been working on unfollowing more and more people over the past few weeks because I felt I was missing the tweets by those who want to participate actively with me. The consequence is that I’ve found twitter to be more sociable once more. According to a recent article what I felt […]

  • Yet another reason to love Google Latitude

    Yesterday I met a friend in geneva. The one that uses Google Latitude. I used my mobile phone to see where he was and just using cell towers I got a pretty good fix on where he was, within just a few hundred meters. When I called him to get a more accurate fix, i.e. […]

  • How to Make Friends and Get The Most Out Of Twitter.

    Twitter is a multiplatform social chatroom that allows you to converse with people around the world from anywhere in near to real time. It is knowing a rapid growth and so here are a few guidelines to getting started. 140 Characters If you thought 160 characters for SMS were limited then this limit will be […]

  • Unfortunate choice of words for a Water Charity event

    International World Water Day is held annually on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. “After the Twestival hangover, how much money was raised for charity:water?” Source There are some events I don’t feel are really as chartable as they […]

  • Anonymous comments have value

    I love anonymous commenting because it’s from the heart that people speak rather than from their pedestal. By this I meran that when you make an anonymous comment you don’t need to know anything. You can say what you feel and you’re genuine. Of course that feeling might last ten seconds and you regret it.The […]

  • Why it’s a waste of time to follow certain people

    In this article there are recommendations about who you should follow on twitter and I must admit I followed almost every one of them. I have unfollowed everyone of them except one. Chris Brogan. He’s the person whom I feel is most likely to answer a tweet directed at him. If you’re following someone for […]

  • The Feedly and Friendfeed way of doing things

    Venture capitalists love to invest in something that works, something that’s concrete. If it’s got a 900% user growth rate overall and tripled in size in the UK alone then this is excellent. That’s the perfect website to invest in. Of course I’m speaking here of twitter. The 140 character twitter website that no one […]

  • Any french speaker in Switzerland knows this frustration.

    Any french speaker knows this frustration. You see that a new service is available to Switzerland, drop by the site and everything is in German. Google latitude is in German and hundreds of other sites too. The most recent site to suffer from this curse is Nokia music, recently made available in Switzerland. It would […]

  • Don’t make me sign up to login, and use Disqus so I can leave comments.

    I’m active on the web, spending thousands of hours a year connected to the web. As a result I have to log into a lot of sites often. I don’t like logging in though. That’s why I would love for big name publishers like the WSJ, NYTimes and others to sign an aggrement with Facebook […]

  • The 50,000th tweet

    For Valentine’s day I reached my 50,000th tweet which I dedicated to @orchideane through twitterfone, as asked by @toppgold. I really want to lay in to twitter for having database maintenance. really I do, but I won’t. I’ll concentrate on other things. There; contemporary joke: What’s the difference between twitter and the Stock market? None […]