Month: May 2007

  • The First Night Spent

    Last night was the first night of many that I will spend at my new flat. At the moment I’ve got two flats in London which is a luxury. I need to move in properly on Saturday morning after a heavy night of partying we’ll see how it is. What I’ve noticed so far is […]

  • A Healthy Amount Of Downloading

    Here is a reason for the Halls ISP to complain. today’s usage 862 when the limit is only 500 a day. Look at how much bandwidth I have remaining though. How am I going to get through 26 gigs in thee days I wonder.

  • And That’s When Flames Caressed My Leg

    Last night after visiting my new flat and getting to know one of the people that live there I came back to the bar in Halls to chat with friends but that didn’t last long as there was a lack of atmosphere. Everyone migrated to the field and that’s when it’d become more interesting. Whilst […]

  • Two Things

    There are two things to write about. The first of these is that I recently tested the new mobile web version of the TFL website and it’s really good. It’s got a great user interface for a web based service and i think I’ll be using it from time to time when it’s needed. The […]

  • A Snowboard On The Right Foot And Ski On The Left.

    I just remembered that I had a strange dream this morning. I was with some friends catching a telesiège and for some reason, I had a snowboard on one foot and a ski on the other. I had hurried to get ready as my friends were already near the remontée mechanique. It was a low […]

  • An Interesting Podcast

    I listen to a lot of current affairs programs but occasionaly I enjoy listening to more light hearted podcasts. Over the past two or three days I have been listening to John Foster’s Beerschool. This is a podcast aimed at those who want to learn to appreciate more than one type of beer. He also […]

  • Appreciating The Gotheburg

    Today I went down to see the East India ship sailing under Tower Bridge. First time in three years of living in London I see the draw bridges raised. Bands were playing and spectators were watching. Here are the other pictures

  • Finding a new flat

    There are a lot of people currently in need of a new identity due to their university lives coming to an end and I am one of them. Today I went flat hunting and there are a few things I found out about myself. The first of these is that I really don’t want to […]

  • It’s Like A Night Out In The Savannah

    Nights in halls are like nights out in the Savannah. Since the drunk party sound coming through walls is a given that’s the sound of crickets and frogs. It’s constantly there and theoretically you should eventually learn to sleep through it over time. Of course it’s not quite constant enough. Then you’ve got the sound […]

  • I Haven’t Had a Proper Night’s Sleep in 85 Days

    Since I left Switzerland after doing some work on the 21st of February I haven’t had a proper night’s sleep for 85 days. That’s a long time. I wish there was a soundproof chamber into which I could go. What if I designed and built a soundproof bed? Wouldn’t be that complicated.