Training with Zwift

Two days ago I started playing/training with Zwift. I tested it on my phone, the ipad and the laptop and it worked with each. Pairing both the apple watch with the iOS app on mobile phone and ipad worked well. Pairing between the bluetooth cadence and speed sensor as well as the suunto movesense heartrate monitor worked well with the laptop.

A set time or distance limit

When you are riding loops in the real world it’s easy to plan on a one hour ride and end up taking two hours as you add additional segments because you feel good. Sometimes you get home and two to three hours have elapsed. With Zwift training programs will last for a set amount of time with set goals. 

Type of rides

Two days ago I rode around the streets of London that I have ridden around in person in recent years. Yesterday I tried the Walonia course and I tried the pre-training grand fondo program. This track is based on a location in the Solomon Islands near Mulle. They added the volcano. If you check on maps you will see that you were riding on water. Maybe I was using a pedalo. I rode for 50 minutes with 3 minute peak power output of 130-150 watts.

I used the Zwift companion app to get information about the power output. It gives a more complete appreciation of the power range you are aiming to maintain. This is a useful addition because there is a lag as you go from generating about 50 watts of power when you rest to 130 watts when you’re meant to be making an effort. 

The same workout with a different power goal. 

Previously I followed several of the indoor trainer videos made by GCN and I found them enjoyable. I was training according to feel and followed their recommendations. I had no feedback on pedalling speed or power output until I reviewed the data at the end of the ride. I also had to skip the adverts as they play during workouts. Interrupting an effort to skip an advert is not ideal. 

GCN have a complete video explaining the features of the app. 


When it’s raining outdoors you can still train for an hour or more without getting bored. You can also have an enjoyable ride despite the rain outside or instead of dealing with rush-hour traffic. It is also available to you twenty-four hours a day if you set it up at home. With structured plans you can train and reach personal goals with the right level of commitment. 

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