The Noise of Towns

By | 17 January 2020

When you live in town you have a lot of noise. You have the noise of cars, of construction, of buses, trucks and road sweeps. You also have the occasional people shouting, beeping and more. Logically this should make sleeping in town harder. It’s so constant that it’s like the sound of the sea or of a river. It becomes invisible because there are no really quiet moments. These noises are okay in town.

Another noise is the sound of people in hallways. You hear keys in doors, doors opening and closing, shopping bags and more.

In the countryside, any form of noise, whether leaf blowers, construction, road sweeping, moving of bins or other noises are disruptive because the base level of noise is so much lower. Although the countryside and town construction levels may be at the same level the difference is noticeable.

That’s why silence is so much more appreciated in the countryside and why people who rent in villages and small settlements should be attentive.

Can you hear cars? No, then avoid driving too much or revving the engine. Turn it off if you’re waiting.

Can you hear music? No, then use headphones or keep it low and close the windows.

Can you hear goats, chickens, cows, cowbells or church bells? Yes, then enjoy it. The sound is centuries old.

I started this feeling inspired, but I ran out of inspiration.

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