Tap Water, Hollow Fibres disagree with Calcar and a Barrel According to WaterMinder

By | 14 October 2021

Today the Service Industriel de Nyon, SI Nyon, sent an e-mail saying that tap water is one thousand times more environmentally friendly than bottled water. Bottled water is sold at between 20 to 90 centimes per litre and tap water is sold at about 0.1 centimes per litre. It is 200 to 900 times cheaper.

Depuis maintenant cinq ans, ce déficit hydrique se répète et influence notablement le niveau de la nappe phréatique et le régime des sources. Les étiages enregistrés se sont avérés une fois de plus très bas durant l’été et l’automne. Ainsi, en 2020, les sources n’ont participé qu’à hauteur de 48% de la consommation. Les apports de la SAPAN se sont révélés très élevés (34%). La nappe phréatique a également été très sollicitée (18%).

SI Nyon: À propos de l’eau potable dans la région de Nyon | SI Nyon

In 2020 4 million metres cubed of drinking water were distributed via the network. thirty four percent of that water came from the lake, fourty eight from springs, and eighteen percent was taken from the water table. SI Nyon says the same thing as I do. They wrote “les étiages se sont avérés une fois de plus très bas durant l’été…”. Etiage is water level in French. I had to look it up. I don’t remember this word. In English it is baseflow, or drought flow: Baseflow – Wikipedia.

Calcar, the Sawyer Squeeze and BeFree

I have now played with three nanotube filters and each one of them has the same problem. If you run Swiss tap water through them, and then do not use them for a few weeks they get blocked. Hollow fibre might be good in soft water, but in hard water, as in Switzerland, you’re better off with the Katadyn Hiker Pro or similar technology. That’s why I have upgraded my water bottles to wide mouth options. I can use them to either carry dirty water, or fill them, without needing three hands.

Although the Katadyn Befree is 20 to 30 CHF less, if you need to replace them every year, then it makes sense to get the Hiker Pro, or higher end water filtration system. I tried backflushing the Sawyer squeeze but the flow is still bad. Filters that last for as long as you use them daily are great, if you’re hiking for months in a row, but filters that work consistently, despite occasional use, are better.

A WaterMinder Barrel

According to the WaterMinder app I drank over a barrel of fluids. I believe that to be around 159 litres. My current streak is 23 days of drinking an average of 2.62 litres per day. I am hydrated.

And Finally

We are on day 573 of this pandemic and apparently people have not heard about the vaccination according to at least one individual. How? We’re in a pandemic. The entire world has stopped. How can you not have heard about the vaccine? How isolated are you? How disconnected?

I hope to be more inspired tomorrow. I might be in the pre-trip duldrums for the next two or three days.

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