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  • On Learning to Mark Unfinished Books as Read

    On Learning to Mark Unfinished Books as Read

    Over the last three or four days I have marked two books as finished despite not finishing for a simple reason. I have plenty of books on Kindle, Audible and Kobo that I need to read, but that to read all these books, would take time. I started to read one book and I stopped […]

  • Getting Home Before The Sun Sets and Pikmin Bloom

    Getting Home Before The Sun Sets and Pikmin Bloom

    At this time of year there is a race between the walker and the sun. Either you must go for a walk earlier in the day or you must be ready to walk after the sun has set. Both of these are possible. The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are getting lower. They […]

  • Walking Without Masks During a Pandemic

    Walking Without Masks During a Pandemic

    For many people walking without masks during a pandemic is normal. This is confusing. We have known for months, or even seasons that the virus is airborne and that masks are a simple way to keep safe. Despite this people walk by the seaside without masks. It’s not just that they walk without wearing masks, […]

  • Holidays Break Streaks

    Holidays Break Streaks

    Today is a rainy day so I have less of interest to write about. The rain fell this morning. It continued until this afternoon. Rain is an excuse not to go for a daily walk. It is an opportunity for a rest day. Yesterday my 770 plus day streak on Duolingo was broken because I […]

  • A Walk By The Mediterranean

    A Walk By The Mediterranean

    We can’t all head to the mountains and the slopes that lack snow. Some of us head south to the coast. The weather is good and the air is warm enough. It is warm enough for me, not just to consider swimming but to actually do it. The sea is blue and green as usual […]

  • The Arches

    The Arches

    If you are looking for a sport easy walk with a little scrambling, walk to the rock arches. Two holes have been eroded into the rock providing two natural arches. You can walk up to both arches but it’s better to go on a quiet day. This place is not a good place for big […]

  • Entering Twenty One Degree Water

    Entering Twenty One Degree Water

    For most people over 20 degrees air temperature and twenty one degree water is okay. I struggle. I like water to be warm. I like to be warm before I go in. I like to know that when I get out I will still be warm. Today with a little effort I managed to convince […]

  • Another Walk By The Mediterranean.

    Another Walk By The Mediterranean.

    One treat of being in Spain is that some people do wear masks when walking outdoors. You are normal for wearing a mask. In Switzerland you are looked at as if you are eccentric or absurd. It is nice not to be looked at as a curiousity. It is nice to have the security of […]

  • JSON-LD and a Walk

    JSON-LD and a Walk

    A conventional tech blogger would usually just write about JSON-LD and completely ignore the fact that they went on a walk. I like to combine the two. JSON-LD, short for JSON Linked Document is an agreement for certain data fields to be used for specific purposes. The idea is to standardise terms within a database […]

  • Yet Another Sunny Day

    Yet Another Sunny Day

    Today I looked at two of the masks I used over summer and they are both bleached by the sun. So is my hat. I normally expect things in Spain to be sun bleached, not Switzerland. The reason is simple. First, it never ever rains, and even clouds are rare today, and second, I spend […]